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Estimated due date : Oct 5, 2019 Scheduled CS : Sept 23, 2019 Delivered : Sept 14, 2019 He wanted to come out a day before his dad's birthday. OB said he is immature because he weighs less than expected. He was delivered 37 weeks 2 days but accdg to his fetal weight which was 2.1kg when delivered, he is 36 weeks therefore considered by his pedia a preemie. But God is good because even if he only is as small as a 1 liter coke bottle, he didnt need to be intubated, he breathe on his own, he doesnt have any infection. The only sad part was that he needed phototherapy because of jaundice which is common in newborns but his pedia wanted to make sure and ruled out any serious illness which causes jaundice. Thank God for his loving kindness. 8 days old.

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Aaaah I love your birthing story ♡♡♡ Congratulations!