Enjoy me mommy, enjoy my childhood. I grow very fast, faster than you think. You don't realize it, but I won't always wake up crying at night because I want to be by your side, or just so that you or your dad can help me.. give a hug, a hug that carries my fears Sometimes I make a mess while you are stressed with life around you and I want your attention, to be hold in your arms.. mama, please enjoy having me like this, soon I'll grow up and.. I won't need your arms anymore Other times I I'll fall asleep in the car and lean on your shoulder, sleeping while you take me home. It's one of the moments that I feel very connected to you, sleeping in your arms against your warm body Soon I will grow mom, and you won't have to see or clean my dirty ice cream or chocolate face, the one that you find so funny. Sometimes I cry and I get angry because I dont get what I want .. im sorry mom I want to, have patience, I'm learning to have my own character and become my own person. Please guide me, teach me, Come with me, but don't yell at me or hit me. Hold my hand, show me the way.. I promise you mama I won’t always be small.. Your baby ♥️

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Iloveyou you my baby😘

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