Hb level low

Hi all...during my first check up for pregnancy, my Hb level was 14.8(during 7 weeks). After several check up, my Hb level is decreasing and currently my Hb level is 9.8(22 weeks). Appreciated for any tips or supplement that I can eat or drink to increase my Hb level so that it wont decreasing drastically...thank you?risau juga ni

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banyakkan makan buah tembikai/minum jusnya. im 20 weeks now & with God bless HB level x pernah turun dari 12.2

4y ago

oh really? tqsm will try

try for elken spirulina. Organic and good for pregnancy. 😊

Same like me but i still new on sec pregnancy. Last time is ok 🥴

4y ago

ya. getting worried

Can take Iberet folic for hb low

4y ago

tqsm ya.will search

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Take iberet dear

4y ago

ok tqsm will try