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Due to me skipping a 12 hr expressing, I have some engorgement up till my armpits. So I have been trying to express out every 3-4 hour for 3 times now, and still continue to do so. I massage at least 10 mins up till my armpit area before pumping at least 30min (sometimes even up till 45min). I do feel that my milk is reducing but the lump near armpit still exist. Am I doing anything wrong? How should I reduce the lump near armpit??

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Oh gosh i know how that feels cus i always experience it. It sucks! Could be clogged ducts thus milk expressed is reduced. I would use hot compress abt 10-20mins prior to pumping. While pumping, i would massage the lumps gently in a circular manner towards the nipple. After pumping, i then use a cold comlress to soothe the boobs. Personally for my case, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesnt. But i still do it anyway and pump regularly and sometimes cry cus its too painful :/. Hope u get over it soon!

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Apply hot compression on it and hand express it out. And let baby latch . And continue hand expressing out. It happens to me once I skip 1 pump session. Really painful