Driving while pregnant... Your opinion?
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Every day i sent my kids to school, 3 different schools.. 😅😅.. N have to fetch them with different times.... I hope i will be stong till the due come.. 😘 😘.. But i already plan to stop driving before the date is come.. N have to rest at home n let they father arrange them..

I even drive myself to hospital ehen its time..my husband will take time to reach me..so i drive myself..in okay with it because he will always be there with me 😊

Better to be safe then sorry. if you have an option i won't drive, otherwise it's fine if you have too as well. can't be pregnant stay in bed only right?

37weeks and still driving. But need to further back my seat, hence my arms were straighten all the way i drive. 😂😂😂

It's too risky to drive while pregnant. A simple and small error like pushing the break hard can cost your baby's life.

It's ok I believe. Just be carefully at all times. Seatbelts will go under the boobs though!

It’s ok early on but near the due date when you’re huge I would not recommend

My cousin drove herself to the hospital while in labor.

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If you are comfortable butbhave someone with you while doing so

its totally ok. aq nun preggy aq pero nagddrive aq ehh. .