Does your maid eat together when you go to the restaurant?

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Yes, my family always brings our helper along regardless of the occasion. She also comes with us for our family holidays. Honestly, I do not think you should be calling your helper a maid. To even ask this question, it seems like you're degrading her to something less than a human being. Why not put yourself in her shoes for a minute and empathise with her? Coming to a foreign land, leaving her family behind just to make a little bit more of money, only to be ordered around and feel even lonelier. I think as an employer, you should help her integrate and make her feel welcomed.

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My best friend's helper eats with us whenever I go out with her and baby. My friend will order her a meal according to her dietary restrictions and she'll eat as per normal, helping to mind the baby when need. This leaves me and my bestie time to catch up and talk, which is nice cos I'm barely in town. I'd absolutely do the same if I had a helper. Don't think I have the heart to just let her sit there and not eat while the rest of us does. This is all contingent on whether she is comfortable or wants to eat with us in the first place of course. If she doesn't want to, then she doesn't have to.

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Yes of course if i have one. Maid - wat a word. I would call her our helper instead. Our helper is employed to help us and therefore we should treat her well. Eating with ua on the same table doesn't mean anything. It's just a meal even if it's at home. There ia no need to be more superior over here. So long as you know when and where to draw a line so that she doesn't climb over your head, it should be alright.

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Yes, helper eats with us at the restaurant on the same table. At times my helper wants to eat at home coz there might be leftover food that she doesn't want to waste then she will just feed my child and play with her. Many a times, she will have her meals with us.

Yes if possible as we (me and her) take turns to look after the baby, so whose ever food comes first eats first. We do sit together at the table to chit chat and share. No harm getting to know your helper better.

Yes we do eat together. Even if we went for buffet, I also paid for her share. I believe if we treat her well, she will treat us and our children well too. :)

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Up top for this one statement 🖐🏻

Yes! I even let her choose what she wants to eat if we are not ordering food that is to be shared. But she helps to take care of one kid while I take care of the other while eating.

If I were to have a helper, I will definitely allow her to eat at the same table as us. They are no less a human so I feel that she should have equal treatment as how I treat my family.

Yes, maid eats with us in restaurañt. But my mom in law will take some portion out before we start eating. She will eat later as she needs to take care of the baby while we eat first.

Yes always. Unless we need to take turns eating - which was the case till my Daughter turned 4. But any which way if she is with me in a restaurant I will always offer her food