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Does your baby cry a lot during haircut? What can I do to distract him?

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I showed videos of kids babies cats getting a haircut. So he gets interested and feel more calm knowing that its nt scary at all. My husb pretend to cut my son's hair using e phone with the sound of hair shaver ( youtube) . It took us a while for our son to finally get over the fear of haircut

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my son started to cry when he is around 15months when we bring him for haircut. We also dunnoe how to distract him during haircut. haiz

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YouTube. The salon I brought them to only have haircuts for kids and babies. And they have one iPad at each station. 馃槀

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There are many hair salons that is especially for young children. Kcut, QB House...

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My hubby make funny faces and sing song to distract my lo during haircut.

No I cut my baby hair when she was 3 months old

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Mine doesn't cry. She lovs haircut since day 1

Try talking to them to keep their attention

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Yes, bring a rattle and keep talking to him

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Musical toy