Insurance for little one

Does any mummy get hospital plan for little one but was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism? I try to get the ip plan but turned down.

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hello! i think it's me again! for this i can share also because i tried to get IP for my son but was rejected by all the insurance(tried all the insurance companies) .however, ii was informed by my agent that by 3 years old i can apply again when my child condition is more routine. so just gotta wait until our kids turn 3 🥰 i managed to get the life plan thou but hospital one have to wait when his older abit. hope this helps!

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Super Mum

Hi Mama, Sorry you’re in this situation. Every insurer has slightly different underwriting requirements. You may want to try applying with different insurers and get your consultant to find out from the underwriter the reason for deferment/rejection and how you can mitigate it. Let me know if you need help.

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