Does Ica have a separate nursing room? Or is it just the baby care room? Baby is howling so I ducked into the baby care room to nurse. But there is no lock. So confused.

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Nope it doesn't. There are two, one on level 2 and another on 3. They are pretty basic and the changing and nursing areas are joined and right next to each other. Usually mommies would use their prams to prop against the door or get someone to stand outside to make sure no walks in by accident. Best to use a nursing cover if you need to nurse.

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Try using a nursing cover? It is very convenient on the go. I am using the wired nursing cover and I got it from There is on going sale now.

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There is no nursing room at ica! I went last week and had a horrible time trying to guard the door close with my legs and feed baby at the same time. So afraid that someone will just come bashing into the room.