Tearing and Episiotomy

Does everyone tear or get cut up down there during natural delivery?

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Most of the time, yes, especially if this is the first pregnancy. Baby’s head’s diameter’s about 10cm, and the shoulder width’s even wider. The vaginal opening isn’t naturally so big, especially if it’s never been stretched before. The episiotomy is therefore a controlled opening of the vagina, because the person who performs it can decide the size and direction of the cut. It’s usually angled towards the side, so that you don’t rip through to the anus (3rd degree tear). I had an episiotomy for my first delivery. My baby’s head was facing the wrong direction and only with a really hard push, she thankfully managed to turn at the last minute such that I could deliver via normal vaginal delivery. Hence, despite the episiotomy, I still had some other tears (I pushed with a lot of force I guess), but they were more minor. For my second delivery, baby’s position was good and my gynae felt there was enough room for baby to come out without an episiotomy. I had a superficial little tear, but was otherwise alright:) (baby was actually bigger than the first. Heh)

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The midwife that help ed me deliver said episiotomy is done most of the time anyway😅 and i had a tear because of the last forceful push

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Had both a second degree tear as well as episiotomy. The wound took about 2 weeks to close and still feels a bit raw afterwards

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Didn’t have an episiotomy, but had a minor tear.

episiotomy done