tear naturally or cut?

hello mummies, can i ask for your inputs about which one recovers faster? natural tearing or cutting for natural birth? thanks in advance!

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I've experienced both. My 1st one was epi. Took me 2 weeks for the stitches to come out on it's own. It wasn't a comfortable feeling cos you can't sit properly & it's quite painful when the numbness wears off. And intimate moments (3 mths after birth) is quite painful too. While I had a natural for the rest of my 3 pregnancies. Better. I can walk, I can sit & I can poop w/o pain unlike with epi. I cleaned with Dettol 😅 and it took a week or less if I can remember it right.

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I have experience cut and stitches , it tooks me 2 weeks to recover but not fully . Most importantly what i did was clean the stitches part with dettol . Its good :)

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I guess natural, i didnt have any episiotomies nor stitches n i recovered very quickly.. i could walk a few hrs aft birth

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I pray for your smooth delivery! All the best! 💪🏼

Natural birth recovers faster. mine fully recovers 2 weeks after birth

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