Does breastfeeding mom drinking iced drinks (particularly ice chocolate) cause running nose or cold in their babies?

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Absolutely not! Not only do cold drinks NOT cause colds but as long as your body is at normal body temperature, your breastmilk will be delivered to your baby at normal body temperature. A cold drink while breastfeeding is not going to drop the temperature of your breastmilk. Little ones get a lot of colds because their immune system is still developing. Make sure people wash their hands frequently around the baby - even a mild soap will kill most common germs. When you're out in public with your baby, don't be afraid to ask people to look at your baby from an arm's length (strangers getting in my babies' faces and breathing on them was always a pet peeve of mine). If you are sick use a mask and avoid contact with baby so as not to pass baby any illness

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Iced drinks - no Chocolate - probably What the baby is experiencing may be an allergic reaction from chocolate, instead of a cold. Most of us confuse between the two. If she takes a long time to recover and is not running a temperature, it's probably an allergy.

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running nose or cold is normally caused by a viral infection. the consumption of iced beverages do not cause the aforementioned symptoms.

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No it doesn't! the most chocolate MAY cause reflux due to the dairy content in it. Cold drinks has NO effects on it

no no! it's not caused by mom taking cold stuffs.