Does anyone have issues with parents-in-law? My LO (currently 5 months old) is taken care by my MIL when me and hubby is at work. My MIL used to be a babysitter so she’s quite good at babies. However, she got her own set of pantangs and way of educating the child, which is very different from me. I don’t believe in pantangs at all. She doesn’t believe in what We say when we explain to her. For example, there was once baby did not poo for a week, she got so ganchiong and kept calling over the weekend telling us to try this try that. We already explained to her nicely that this is normal for BF babies but her mindset is stuck with need to poo Everyday blablabla. This is just one example. Another example is, she kept saying baby should start on solids now. Me and my husband’s take is to follow baby’s cues, we don’t have a definite to start solids at 4 months or 6 months. We did try a little puree but feel that baby is not yet ready for it. But MIL keep saying that should start alr. So irritating? Sometimes, this really irritates me and I want to send my baby to infant care instead. Is like, why must I explain what I’m doing to her and why she keep giving suggestions that I don’t want to hear. I have my own style in doing things and parenting. But my hubby refuses as infant care is expensive and he thinks it’ll be better for baby to be under grandma’s care. I do agree with him but I think it’s only for my sanity. ? Does anyone has similar experience?

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I too have this kind of MIL a lot of bantang that I find it no logic behind she offer to take care of my son when I was pregnant say I can go back to work without worry after give birth but I reject her because I know her well enough 😅 example she dun let my son self soothe with his finger say that in future my son will be skinny no matter how he eat 😅,she also dun let my son see mirror 🪞 (i also dunno why) end of the day me and my hubby decide to get a helper instead we got ourselves a Myanmar helper that $550 per month we work out the calculation actually getting a helper is cheaper than infant care ☺️ my MIL also keep asking me to give my son rice cereal at 3 month old I told her firmly No means No (part of the reason I rather get helper is I really afraid that my MIL anyhow feed my son food) most important thing is your husband must be on your side at this matter if not you will feel like a lone warrior. I actually told my helper when ah mah is around keep an eye on her😅 dun let ah mah feed anything except BM if you really want to have a piece of mind go for a helper or infant care is really worth the money as you dun need to deal with your MIL nonsense

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