Does anyone have issues with parents-in-law? My LO (currently 5 months old) is taken care by my MIL when me and hubby is at work. My MIL used to be a babysitter so she’s quite good at babies. However, she got her own set of pantangs and way of educating the child, which is very different from me. I don’t believe in pantangs at all. She doesn’t believe in what We say when we explain to her. For example, there was once baby did not poo for a week, she got so ganchiong and kept calling over the weekend telling us to try this try that. We already explained to her nicely that this is normal for BF babies but her mindset is stuck with need to poo Everyday blablabla. This is just one example. Another example is, she kept saying baby should start on solids now. Me and my husband’s take is to follow baby’s cues, we don’t have a definite to start solids at 4 months or 6 months. We did try a little puree but feel that baby is not yet ready for it. But MIL keep saying that should start alr. So irritating? Sometimes, this really irritates me and I want to send my baby to infant care instead. Is like, why must I explain what I’m doing to her and why she keep giving suggestions that I don’t want to hear. I have my own style in doing things and parenting. But my hubby refuses as infant care is expensive and he thinks it’ll be better for baby to be under grandma’s care. I do agree with him but I think it’s only for my sanity. ? Does anyone has similar experience?

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My dear, never ever let anybody including own parents & parents in law to decide for your baby. Don’t be afraid to be firm or keep the child away from them until they agreed to respect & follow your decision on YOUR child. Especially babies that are less than 6 months old. It’s not only NOT advisable to introduce water / food but also DANGEROUS & many cases lead to babies being rushed to the emergency /“- some even lead to death. Just think like this - when your child is sick it will be you & your husband who have to bring him/her to the hospital & stay awake at nights taking care of your child, not them who have this & that opinion. Early on they may be ‘sour faces’ or anything but that is nothing compared to risking your child’s health / even life. Please stay firm & explain well to your husband for him to support you. Ask him is it worth risking going to the emergency if anything goes wrong, which that will cost even more than trying to save money sending to reliable babysitter/daycare. Even after 6 months doctors didn’t advice to introduce sweet/salty & strong flavoured food. Not until they reach at least 1 1/2 or 2 years old at least. Older generations usually are not as aware as us now about when it’s safe to introduce water / food to babies. They usually go with, I did this to you / my children nothing happened to them. Don’t wait until something happened and only then you want to regret. Each child has different tolerance to water / food. Please don’t risk your child just to take care of other people’s feelings. Sincerely. Hopefully things are much better for you now. Sorry for this long comment, just very sincerely worried about your child.

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