Discomfort at night

Does anyone get heartburn and indigestion at night? I tried eating small meals, but the discomfort really only affects me at night

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I had very serious heartburn also during pregnancy, the day my baby was born, it recovered immediately! Just elevate your head during sleep nothing much you can do. Eating earlier and less didn't help me also.

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Following... I’m not even pregnant (I gave birth almost 7 months ago) and I still have heartburn. Last night was the worst! I was at the verge of crying. 😢

I have bloatedness and slower digestion so I took prenatal probiotics. Saw that its with clinically studied strains in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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2y ago

Yes, I noticed that I don’t feel so bloated if I do take probiotics. Some days I forget and take it late like after dinner. I find that lunch is harder to digest if I didn’t take before lunch.

Gaviscon normal helped with my symptoms. Elevate head higher when sleeping

avoid eating too much before bed. also spicy n oily food for dinner.

take smaller meals. don’t eat too much!!

Gaviscon and omeprazole helped me!

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avoid too oily or spicy food