Light Bleeding

Does anyone experience light pinkish bleeding at week 9 pregnancy?

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Me! I have frequent bleeding up to 9 weeks. Dr issue duphaston and cardipirin. 10 weeks onwards its all fine.. But just dbl check w yr gynae..

Yes me! Have u seen dr alrdy? I was out on bed rest and support jab and medicine Pls don’t walk around too much

3y ago

I just seen doc n took blood test to see progesterone level n also swab see if there is any vag infection. Waiting for result. Doc doesnt seem to find it much of an issue. So i guess has to wait for result out then doc can make conclusion. Yr bed rest means doc give u mc or HL?

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If anything abnormal or uncertain during first trimester just drop by to see the gynae

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I did but it does off after a few days

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It's best to visit the gynae

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Btr c a doc to cfm

Pls visit gynae