Does anyone else here live with a smoker who can't/won't stop smoking? I'm 34 weeks pregnant already and i'm really concerned about the 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. Any tips? Like do air filters work and can i do anything for better ventilation in the house?

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Smoking is a very difficult habit to break. My hubby's guilty of that, and so is his younger brother who is living with us. I thought having our LO would help him stop but I guess it's really a tough undertaking since he was a smoker even before. After giving birth, I woukd ask him to smoke outside the house but I can still smell the smoke seeping thru ventilations. So we have agreed that he can only smoke when he's not at home. And on times that he really feels the need of smoking even just one, he knows he has to step out of the house and be literally 1 house away.

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I guess you can work with your ventilation. Make sure there isn't enough space for the smoke to pass through your baby's room. Keep your windows open so if ever it smells like cigs, the air can properly circulate.

If you're living at the same house, maybe you can set ground rules like no smoking on common areas. You can also talk to that person to try to lessen the frequency of his smoking

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Thanks :) we've tried but we can't seem to get through to my younger brother :( It seems like he's stuck in the rebellious teen stage even if he's already in his 20's. Will try that again though :)

Wear a mask! Hoping that they are sensitive enough to get the message :)

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huhuhu. my mother in law. i dont know how to say. bago palang kami nagkakasama. di ko alam pano sabihin ng di sya maooffend😔