I paid everything my husband does

Any wives here pay their husband in whatever chores he does around the house or it's just me? My husband is very calculative and expected payment if I need his help such as washing the toilet, massage my feet. I just gave birth and sometimes it hurts here and there after a long day, I did almost everything. After a day of giving birth... I already started cleaning the house (Discharged, the moment I reached the house) Without me, the house is miserable! He can't do anything. He's not working and I expected him to at least help around so I won't fall into depression. I provided everything and he can't even take care of our children :( It's been 5 days since I gave birth, I'm feeling so low and tired. I woke up every night to breastfeed my newborn while he's asleep peacefully. The whole house is neat and tidy because of me. He just spend his time playing Mobile Legends and sleeping, that's all. I feel like he's just extra in my life, extra burden. Sometimes I just wonder if I were single... no difference just without him, I still need to do those. At least no depression because of him

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I would have sent him underground if my husband does this to me. Marriage, house and children should be managed by both parties. Why do you even need to pay him to do chores when the house is also his responsibility. And to add on, the child is his, the wife is his why should it be as tho it’s your sole decision to give birth and moreover YOU’RE the one going thru the birth. I don’t think it’s right for me to advice you to leave him.. but I really think you should really think about this marriage whether it’s going to end up the way you want it to be in the long run. If you really want to stay with him for the sake of the child… you really need to wait till he grows up. Stay strong 💜

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You have chosen to marry this person and to support him through thick and thin. But this depends on the person he is - is he just going through a bad phase and this is when he really needs your help to get through it, or is he just a hopeless deadbeat and you had just ignored all the signs from the start? If it's the latter, now that you have seen him for who he is, I think it's fair for you to reconsider your marriage. Life is too precious to waste committing to one bad decision that you can fix instead.

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