Do you bathe your infants at night or nearing sunset? There's this superstitious belief that babies shouldn't be bathed at night. What's your stand on this?

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When my daughter was still a baby, I used to bathe her twice a day, in the morning and at night time before she goes to sleep. However, because her skin was so sensitive then, it would always get dry. Her pedia told us that it's best to bathe her once a day. We noticed though that our daughter would sleep better at night if she'd bathe first. So we did it every night. Her pedia assured us that there's nothing wrong with it as long as the water was warm and the room temperature was not too low (cold) while the baby was bathed.

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I haven't as I always do it in the morning and sponge bath in the afternoon but always always with warm water. Maybe the underlying explanation of that superstitious belief is that bathing babies during night time may cause sickness due to the change of temperature at night (as it gets colder) though it is very different from now since weather is still very humid and hot during night time.

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Much better not to bathe them at night because their immune system is weak and they might get colds and other viruses if oftenly bathe at night.