Did your baby arrive on schedule?
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No - baby arrived early
No - baby arrived late

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I gave birth sa 1st born ko last September 2021 at 36weeks and 1day. mula 1st to 3rd trimester ko eh Complete bed rest, bed rest and complete bed rest. bago pa mag ruptured amniotic bag ko nung Sept 9 nag early labor na pala ako at 35 weeks kumbaga dahil sa mga pampakapit na extend paglabas ni baby kaso wala gusto na nya talaga lumabas

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#1 - 37w - 3365g #2 - 36w - 3745g #3 - 35w - 4235g 😌

baby arrived early, thank goodness :)

early 4 days from actual due date

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baby arrived early, on 37 weeks


1st, 41wks 2nd, 39wks

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was eakry by 10 days

Yup on the dot!

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nope..34 week