Vaginal swab during pregnancy

Did anyone went or was told to do a vaginal swab to check on bacteria in the vagina before? Did you went ahead with it or did you not? I was told by my gynea to come down for the swab which was yesterday (didnt need to for my firstborn) but i didnt turn up cause i was feeling so tired and giddy. Im alrdy almost at my 9 months. This swab was told that if there's a bacteria they will give me an antibiotic so that the baby wont contacted with the bacteria during give birth.

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Yes I did mine as well. And found out I was GBS positive. Don’t know how I got it when I’m quite an OCD person when it comes to hygiene. But it’s also normal during pregnancy to have GBS actually. I had to be given antibiotics for a few hours during my labour. Read all about it online, can be fatal to baby even a few months after birth. Yikes. Thank God I went for the swab.

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pls go for ur swab test to check for any GBS infection. if ure positive, antibiotics is essential to prevent GBS brain infection for ur baby once its born. i agree with mommies here of y ur dr did not do so during ur monthly checkup. i did mine for both pregnancies during monthly checkup. u may read more on GBS in pregnancy via google

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Yes, I did at 34W if I’m not mistaken. Yes, you should go for it as GBS can be passed on to the baby during normal delivery. If you do have GBS, they will administer antibiotics hours before the delivery.

Yes i just did mine yesterday it is honestly feel uncomfortable and pain plus once i pee it is pain plus got abit of light pinkish red blood

Just go for it. I did it during my monthly checkup. Funny they didn’t ask u to do it during checkup and ask u come some other day.

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Yes, do go for the swab. If you have GBS bacteria, it might spread to your baby during natural birth which can be dangerous.

I did mine 2 weeks ago when I’m at 36 weeks. 🙂

Yes I did mine, and safe for baby too

yup mine was around 38 weeks

Yes I did mine