Pain n blood after vaginal swab.

Earlier today during check up,doc do this vaginal swab as currently i'm on 35 weeks pregnant.Right after the swab,i went to toilet and discover there's a blood.When i reach home,i went to toilet again n there still a blood after i urine.After 2 hrs seems like normal only thing when i urinate it feels pain. Is it common to have blood after this vaginal swab and pain.#advicepls

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vaginal swab can be painful for some. Soon gonna be ok. And it's normal to have a bit of blood discharge after the swab. But if it's continuously i would highly suggest to meet your gynae. 👌 Hope you are fine by now..

i experienced it too, fret not its normal, just wear panty liner and the blood should be gone the following day.. if there is still blood, go and check with your gynae..

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it's normal unless it's a lot then should check with your gynae

Happened to me also so i think it’s normal

Please see your gynae on this