Blood sugar reading spiked!

Diagnosed w GD at around 25 weeks gestation. Readings have been in controlled and well throughout, until I hit 36 weeks-ish & my readings after meal goes out of whack. I’m still eating the same stuffs as I did when maintaining my sugar levels previously. Not sure why it’s becoming so out of whack during my last homestretch. Any of you face the same too? What did you do? At this rate (now 37 wks), I can’t wait for my baby to arrive... :(

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as the weeks goes by the baby placenta also grows so the resistance will be more... sometimes u will wonder y I ate the same thing yet the sugar higher. yup tats goes to me... I have the same issues... don't worries u r offloading soon... I still got 7 weeks to go

I rmb doc told me its suppose to get worse even when eating the same ting. Mine was pretty stable at tat time and actually got better than the initial start (mine seems quite haywire 🤣😅)

you can reduce your carb intake and sugar intake for now. now sweet fruits too. and drink more water. jia you mummy! if you feel concern, can always check with gynae. they know better!

Gestational diabetes usually vanishes after you give birth. For now, focus on reducing the amount of sugar and carbs you consume, whether added or naturally incurring.

Breastfeeding will help to reduce blood sugar level and allow gestational diabetes to clear off. I have been through it.