hi..my baby is 4mo and recently she kept having blocked nose and we tried to suck out her mucus every day. yesterday...she start to have runny nose..and on off coughing once. i am having sore throat and runny nose and coughing as well. could have passed on the virus to her. i use nosefrida to suck out her mucus and its really quite alot. other than that, shes still sleeping well, feeding well and active. do i need to bring her to a pd or she will self heal? she dont seem uncomfortable..other than the occasional nose block which wakes her up

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Try talking to ur dr about a humidifier

Salinase for nose 2drops each hole and Alnix for oral

u can try put onion beside her bed.. the smell of the onion can help on nose block when she sleep

You can try to purchase Illadin from the pharmacy for INFANTS that helps to dry up mucus. Usually when I visit the PD, the doc will prescribe that. Do take note to purchase the one suitable for your baby's age.

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Maybe you can try running a humidifier in your baby’s room while they sleep to help loosen mucus. Or using nasal saline drops; putting one or two drops of saline in the nose can help loosen mucus.