jialat MIL FIL thinks they will be staying tgt in new bto flat

Our BTO flat will be ready in about 3 years time, currently staying with my in laws and I can't take it alr. I need space, privacy even... Was looking forward to the new life without in laws, just my husband and my kids... then i overheard my in laws saying "next time 5 room flat (our new house) must make space for this". 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh noooo what should I do! thought can finally get my freedom, so they wont intefere with our style of taking care of the kids... 😪 I dont want to be the evil DIL dw in laws to stay... 😭 HELP.

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just plan and occupy the rooms for your own needs like 1 bedroom for u to sleep, 1 bed room for your kids, 1 bedroom for walk in wardrobe, If still have additional bedroom, change it to study room say wfh. just fully occupied all the rooms. then act blur move out. when they ask, just say all rooms occupied. i declared I won't stay with in law before wedding. so my hub stayed with me at my parents place for 2 years while waiting for our house. I did all the above when I shifted twice... my mil did ask which room is theirs when we shifted 1st time... and each time I shift, I move further away from them. so will only meet once a month...

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7mo ago

🤣🤣🤣 savage! 🤣🤣🤣

You have plenty of time to talk to ur hubby, need to talk slowly but be firm to him that what your dream is to live in ur own house with just him and kids. I suggest you don't talk to ur in laws about it, put a trust on him and let him handle the situation. He will be kind in the situation to choose between you and parents. Give him more time cos it must be a difficult situation. All the best to you.

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To be very honest some MIL is just like wtf people married already got thier own house but still MIL want to stay with her son/daughter is like there is no freedom no husband and wife privacy but other some MIL they will just stay at thier own house then when the son is married and move out the mother wont even follow so best is to tell you husband what you really want to discuss the things out

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1y ago

yupp.. my MIL is the 1st kind. not sure if its becuz my husband is the only child... haix... so uncomfortable somemore with my FIL around. Cant wear "comfortably" if you know what I mean. MIL can wear "comfortably" with raisins sticking out, but i chose to wear padded cuz FIL around.... then somemore i breastfeeding, when its time to BF, I have to go to the room or cover with a nursing cover in a hot day.. 😪when i just wanna feed and watch tv chill alil while... 😭

I think it’s the best to discuss with your spouse about this. I believe nowadays it’s the norm to stay alone without your in-laws or parents but i guess some older generations prefers to stay under one roof. I also believe over the years, you might change your mind in staying with your in-laws. Try to give each other a chance too☺️

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Discuss with partner. Does your in law intend to sell this current house also??? Does your partner also want them to move in? O.o ? If no, best is he ownself handle his parents 😌 let’s see what’s their respond . Just in case if they like to whine or say negative/sour comments. Must be prepared! Ignore all the negativity!

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Talk to your husband and let him tell your PIL. so they know what to look forward. Don't purposely try to make it indirect to let them find out u dw them to stay. It will hurt their feelings. Of course, they can still come over often to visit ya? Dont worry too much, just talk it out with your husband so everyone it clear. 😀

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How is staying apart evil? Haha then I’m an evil DIL I just say it straight in everyone’s face I do not want to stay with my PIL. I’m fine with staying nearby but not together in one roof. My hubby and PIL are understanding and we all felt that staying near to each other is the best solution.

Never communicated this before ? It’s a big thing eh or your husband all the while gave this impression to them that all will move together? Better talk about this soon than let them harbour this thought, else later on will have more displeasure and disappointment

1y ago

Maybe he also scared of his mom, knowing my MIL she very domineering and emotional not sure isit menopause also😓

I told my hubby outright that I don't want to stay with his parents when we apply for bto. so I purposely choose a location far from their place, aka they live in Jurong my place is at Sengkang.

oh nooo, jy! 3 more years, can take these time to talk about it. say like one room is for baby, another one is study room/work/entertainment room. then no more rooms left..etc