baby stop carrying when mil carry

Dear mummies My mil and i are taking care of baby together. I am currently on ML. It hurts me that baby stop crying when my mil carry and crylike murder when i carry. I feel jealous toward my mil and even a tinge of hate toward baby for stop crying when my mil carry. I sometime secretly hope that baby cry when my mil carry so that i knows baby cry cause of some other reason rather than just want to be attached to my mil. It doesnt feel right to me as a mum that baby seek comfort with my mil and not from his own mum How do i handle this emotion? This is so wrong and unhealthy.

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Hi mummy, First of all big hug for you! Not easy at all. I can share with you that I had the same experience but with my confinement lady. My little one is 3 months old now. I had my confinement lady for 2 months and during that period, my little one will scream and cry frequently when I try to care for her. When the CL carries her, she is however calm and happy. She seems happier also when my hubby carries her. I was so discouraged that I was frequently in tears. By the second month, I told myself to learn or observe for tips. For CLs not all of them are willing to share with you their little tips to care. What I did then was I observed what the CL did to the point of how she sounds when she soothe the baby and exact postures of carrying. I am tell you today after 1 month or caring for my baby alone, even this clueless mum is getting a lot of smiles and cooing. Jiayou mummy! You are not alone in this! It will get better. Do get lots of rest yourself too!

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