Cleaning Of Pump Accessories At Work

Dear mummies, would like to find out if you wash your pump accessories at work each session? I find it is a hassle and time-consuming to wash each time. Thanks in advance!

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I did wash and sterilise at work after each pump (except the last one before going home)... People kept asking me what the steriliser was so after a while I just came up my own answers like.. rice cooker.. facial steamer... haha 😆 But yes, many people do just refrigerate the pump parts. I’m just more kiasu about sterilisation and don’t want to mix the milk that was pumped earlier with the newer batch.

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You can try microwave steam Sterilizer Bag or portable sterilizer I personally will wash and sterilize every pump and I get portable sterilizer

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2y ago

Thanks! 😊😊

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I used to pump twice at work and wash them and sterilize in boiling water for a few minutes before storing them in clean ziplock bags.

2y ago

No. If there is any bacteria or microorganisms, it is already destroyed by the boiling water, and the residual water in the bottle or pumping accessories is minimal.

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I keep them in a ziplock bag and store in the fridge after each pump. Wash and sterilise only when i get home after work.

I kept in ziplock bag, milk bottle bag and fridge after every pump while in office.

I nvr wash and just store them in the container n put in the fridge for next use

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I would briefly rinse the pump, otherwise it might stink

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I usually freeze them after use