38 weeks + 3 days feeling tired overall

Hello dear mummies, currently I'm in 38 weeks + 3 days. Anyone else feeling tired carrying this little bun around? 😌 I'm hoping to give birth anytime soon as feeling too lethargic and just could not wait for this bundle of joy to be out so I can finally held him in my arms. This is my no 5 but all pregnancy are a different experience to me. I experienced cramping 3 days ago which lasted for about 4 hours and again last night which lasted around 4 hours as well. Able to sleep through after 6 am then the cramping stop. Never experienced these kind of false labour before. Haha

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I was like you. Had my no. 5, 9 mths ago and it was nothing compared to the other 4. It was an exhausting pregnancy but nevertheless I truly enjoyed and embraced every moment cos I waited 3 years for him, my rainbow baby (had a miscarriage before I had him). Everything with him was the first. Never experienced any before that haha. Hang in there ok! If the cramps become unbearable pls do head down to the hospital but best to call up the delivery suite first to let them know what's happening so they can expect your arrival and prepare whatever they need to. All the best!

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Thank u so much for your kind words. Indeed he is strong. I almost fell into depression when I can't room in with him for the entire of our hospital stay. It was a really hard time. But thank god it's all over. Wishing you all the best! Smooth delivery and enjoy the precious moment with your NB. Congratulations in advance from me 💙😍