Mucus plug is out but still not in labour

So i went for my 38wks5days checkup last week and i am dilated at 2cm. So doctor did the stretch of cervix for me in hope that i will be in labour in few days time. So on that night, mucis plug is out. Felt abit of cramping, went to A&E, get checked amd no contraction. Was told to go home. And been having a brownish discharge for 3 days and it stopped. Now i am 39wks3days, just 4 more days to my edd, and im still not in labour, no more feeling any cramping, and i feel all good. Baby is moving well. Anyone experience this? This is my 3rd pregnancy, and the gap between this and my 2nd child is below 1yr

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Yes, I had the same for my first. Even with membrane swab at 40 weeks and given 1 week, my waterbag was still full and I was 3cm dilated. Only give birth 41 weeks with me being induced.