KKH 38 weeks 3 days

I went for my appointment today , I am 38 weeks 3 days and I thought KKH will induce me but no they mention to come back once more , they didn't even check my cervix just hear the fetal heartbeat .. And measure the belly size and that's all .. They told me they would talk to me about induction next wee during my 39 weeks .. I am already really tired .. they said that unless medically there is any complications then they will induce else best is to wait till 40 weeks . I didn't know they changed this as I gave birth to my daughter while she was 38 weeks 2 days induced labour and it was fine . Nothing else can be done other than waiting .. I can't wait for this to end I am pretty overwhelmed as my sleeping schedule and body has been pretty exhausted . #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy

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maybe try self inducing… walk for few hrs everyday or go up n down the staircase but safely ofcourse.. bounce up and down on a bouncing ball, eat smth spicy or maybe hv sexual intercourse? :( stay strong

10mo ago

I walk alot for a pregnant lady but nothing seems to work all I have is just cramps that's all .. I will try my best to go take the stairs tomorrow ... as of for sexual intercourse not sure if it helps but sure will try then .. I feel so so so exhausted already . I just want to get this over and done with .