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when menses return if im exclusively pumping?
I'm exclusively pumping... bb is now 8 weeks.. when will my menses start again?
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It depends entirely on each individual.. some people, right after confinement and some up to 2 years... so it's really hard to predict
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Is it normal if my nipples feel sore every time after pumping? is overtired but the elders jus keep talking to him
My baby is overtired...he keeps yawning and rubbing his eyes... sometimes he OT till he hiccup... but my mother think he just dont want to sleep n she keep talkin to him which will stimulate him furth
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Excuse yourself and bring your baby along. Go into your room and switch off the light. I think they will get the message
Just announce he want to slp and bring the baby to the room straight
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Bring baby to room. Dim the light and turn on lullaby to prepare baby to sleep.
Baby need sleep to grow well and be strong
You carry away! :)