For parents who don’t send your kids to student care...

who takes care of them after school? What are your reasons for not using student care services?

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Myself . I’m tried bEfore. The end, my girl felt very tired after reached home and still have to redo her homework. As the student care a lot of students, they just let them be. Not all the student been care and guide.

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actually, school based doesnt offer much. community based student care in shopping centres or commercial buildings do offer to guide and have additional assessments for them. give them time to rest and play.

My helper myself and my mum We try to have at least someone at home Honestly, we try They are just kids once... and it’s the bonding and time spent even if it’s picking them up or resting at home

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My mom takes over after school. I feel that while most student care services are reliable, nothing beats a home cooked meal after school and being able to just "bum" around at home;)

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My helper and my mum look after my children after school. They followed a routine dictated by me. Reason for not sending them is because there’s adult supervision at home.

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Take care myself. Wfh My friends tried student care but feel that just paying the cost for the kids to stay at the places nothing much so withdrawn them.

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Me. My kid will sure wants to nap after her sch, so decided not to put and at least i can monitor her homework and let her have the proper rest.

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My mum prefer to take care and let my nephew have a proper rest and food. They say they don’t teach anything in student care?

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Helper at home … so kids can relax and rest and play