How to make baby sleep

My daughter is 6.5 months old and still doesn’t know how to fall asleep herself ? before can just hold, swing, to let her fall asleep. But recently is getting harder, she is sleepy but doesn’t let us hold to sleep or anything else... has to use stroller to bring her down walk around then she can fall asleep right away.. (bad habit)

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Hi... yup. Agreed with you that it’s a bad habit that you’re daughter need a walk in the park to fall asleep. You should try some of the methods suggested in this article.

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i dont think it is a bad habit. still young and needs a lot of assurance. give baby some time. to be frank up till my girl now, she is able to sleep herself even when she sticks to me that time

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My boy was like that too, but with babywearing. End up i played baby white noises from YouTube and he slowly learn that by sleeping on the bed and listening to this son will make him sleep..

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We hired a sleep trainer. Best investment ever

3y ago

May I know where to hire?