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Hi, my daughter is 3yrs and 8months and she is not in school. We are just teaching her at home, we are sending her next year for k1. Now, we are looking for some extra curricular activities for her. Any recommendations? Thank you so much

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I recommend sports, dance, painting, little gym, swimming. Anything your daughter enjoys doing. Everything that makes them active and gives them a chance to play develops their skills in multiple ways. Can even do fun things together like KidZania or Aquarium! Also have a look at this: https://sg.theasianparent.com/extracurricular-activities-for-kids/

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I highly recommend sending her to play gym. A University of Notre Dame Australia study found that high motor competence has a positive effect on self-perceptions of global self-worth, athletic competence, physical appearance, and social acceptance, among other things.