Daddy and mommy what are your ways to teach your kids how to save money ?

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I would buy my daughter a coin bank. I will encourage her to save whatever money is left from her daily baon. Once the coin bank is full, I will bring her to the bank to open up her own account and deposit the total amount of money that she has saved. I will also add some amount to her deposit.

I aim to equip my kids with essential money management skills that will serve them well in the future, both in virtual simulations like Bus Simulator and in the real world.

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My kids both has their coin banks, at the end of the month, i place it in their respective savings plans. At an early age, me and my husband, make sure that we are able to impart to them the value of saving money.

the best way to train your children is play with them and give some skills like basic editing , video making to check their interest and make them independent.

If you're looking for helpful tips, my wife and I found this infographic to be very informative!

The best way to teach you children how to save money is, you can download videos from Vidmate and show them. For more information you can visit:

Ill tell my child that if she wants anything from a store or mall, we can't immediately buy it, we have to save money first.