In what ways can you teach toddlers about money matters?

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Basic thing to do is give your kid his/her very own piggy bank. Then whenever he receives money, you can try offer your child three things to do with it: spend, save or share. If your kid wants to spend, let him. If he decides to save, agree that you can add a certain amount of money on his savings. If your kid shares (to a sibling), you can as well add more and let him pick if he wants to save it or spend it. By this way, you can teach your child the value of frugality--that it pays to save up. You are also teaching him to be generous. Of course, you should carefully explain the benefits of both saving and sharing. I think it's like hitting two birds with one stone :)

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As early as possible! And you can start this by simply applying it in your daily activities and conversation with your little nugget. :) My aunt made teaching money matters a fun activity to my little cousins by simply introducing them to the idea of taxes--yes taxes. How did she do it? Everytime she buys something for my cousins,she also takes a little portion from each because as she always say, not all things are free! She also teach my teen cousin to practice recycling and earn money out of it. In this way, they learn how to be money-wise and be concerned with the environment as well.

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If what you're aiming to do is educate them on the importance of money, and how to instill good concepts of how to be savvy at an early age, this article will really help! You should definitely check it out!

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