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hi mommies! my baby is currently 5mnths old and im thinking of changing his milk powder soon. Currently drinking Enfamil and its too expensive. Suggest any milk powder brands for me pls! Thankyou!!

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i changed from Enfamil to Dulac and its financially reliving. I choose Dulac as she drink dulac in hospital when she was born. Also Similac, Nan etc are pretty much the same price therefore not wise to change to those brands if u are really financially tight as it will be abt the same.

1y ago

Dulac is cheaper & i heard its as good as enfamil. shld try the sample kind first.

Hah! Tell me about it.. Same here. 😭 5 months and drinking Enfamil. One of the shops at my house sells a 900g tin for $55.90. Still deciding which brand to change to after she turns 1 years old - as that’s when my father stops sponsoring for formula milk! 😂

1y ago

exactly!!!! i dont even know why i chose enfamil in the first place! but am thinking to change his milk powder when he turns 6mnths. cant wait till 1yr. the cost is tooooo much 😭

I think you might need to get sample or by doing trial and error. because its depend on the child. my LO change from NAN to similac because NAN make her constipation everytime

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lactogen! it's just $37.90 for a 1.8kg tin. my LO didn't react well to nature one dairy

you can consider nature one dairy.

Nature one daily