Its my first pregnancy!

Currently in my week 6 of pregnancy! Its weird that i feel so tired and sleepy. I am totally not a heavy sleeper or a lazy person. It makes me mad that i keep falling asleep anywhere. ? And my appetite is crazy, i will eat small portion but i feel hungry within the next hour and it just goes on. Tried forcing myself to eat but i'll end up vomiting. Glad theres no morning sickness so far but the breast tenderness is giving me real pain. Nevertheless, i am totally enjoying this journey! ?

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Congrats! I totally understand what u r going through. You will get a hang of it. U will need support most from your partner! Ditch those sexy bras! U need maternity bras for e comfort now! Dont worry. Just listen to your body and get the rest your body needs.

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This was my first pregnancy and in first trimester I felt really week because of heavy morning sickness I couldn't help myself but stay in bed all day Lost all my energy No appetite to eat, even drinking water made me to vomit

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That’s normal! And then there may be times where u can’t sleep or wake up very early.

Thats the thing we get being pregnant. Talk to your gynae say how your gynae can help

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Changes r inevitable. Just enjoy your pregnancy. It will b done one day

All those symptoms are normal during pregnancy... just hang in there!

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Congrats! Its normal to feel sleepy during early pregnancy! :)

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It's normal. Welcome to parenthood

that's normal! Congratulations!

Welcome to the club!