Swollen lymph nodes in armpit

Currently I am 4 months pregnant and I noticed that I have swollen lymph nodes in both my armpits. Is it due to enlarged breasts? Should I consult doctor? Don't know what to do and am worried if it is cancerous.

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Hi, actually it could be just milk glands as your body is preparing itself to produce breastmilk. I asked my Gynae the same question last time during my check up. To be safe just check with your Gynae for peace of mind.

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Please check with your gynae. I had a similar issue and I got it checked out and was only due to hormonal changes. Better to find out early

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I had the same issue but my gynea mentioned it was due to hormonal changes. On a safe note, please do check with your gynea!

It may not always be anything serious but it is best to consult your doctor to be sure.

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Do see your gynae about it, could be just a hormonal thing but better to confirm

It could just be hormonal but please see a doc to be safe.

Hi I think you should consult a doctor just to be safe.

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Hi... please consult your gynecologist immediately

Yes pls consult doctor. It doesnt looks right.