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Hi, I’m currently breast feeding my 2months lo. I jz done my second vaccine but my bm dropped a lot after fever how can I chase my milk back? And I feel my breast very painful after vaccine I dunno is it my lymph nodes swollen, is any mummy facing the same issue? My breast milk still can give my lo drink? Hope to get answer.. thanks all

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Super Mum

Hi Aling, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not well at the moment and facing a dip in your supply. Yes! You can certainly get that supply back up - most mamas find that having a nursing holiday helps where you just drink lots, eat happy food, watch Netflix and latch as much as baby wants to latch. Lots of skin to skin - where baby’s skin is on yours with no barrier or clothing - helps tremendously! Here’s a great article for your reference: The aches may be due to side effects of the vaccine as some mums have experienced. Might I ask which indicator has caused you to infer that your milk supply has dropped please?

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