Parents-in-law 24/7 complaining

They complain that they cant carry the baby . But becoz ever since my discharge , they have been taking the baby out of the room . Arent baby suppose to be close w the mother as of now ? They kept taking and only return her to me when she sleeps. When my baby awakes, she is out of the room again. I cant take it and insisted "rules" . They complained to my husband, and my husband sided them and etc. I feel shitty that I am like not my child's mother. Along w that, my husband went on saying that give birth was easy. Haha, i am tired . dear parents, please help me. It's my child, but i rarely have time to see her just because her grandparents kept taking her away. Even angbao money, they kept. Arent it suppose to be the parents who keep it ? Who is the parent now? I dont even know . Haha.

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God! i know how you feel! sometimes i feel like husbands should stay with us and our parents and tell our parents to treat them like how their parents treat us, then they know what it feels like!