Toddler meal time help!

Hi Community! Need some help on how to encourage toddler to feed herself. Baby girl is 1.5 yrs old. She gets very frustrated during meal time and tends to plays with food instead of eating. We tried all types of food. Noodle, rice and soup. Any tips or trick to encourage her to eat on her own? Thank you!

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Super Mum

Maybe she's not ready for self feeding yet, especially the food you offer require using a spoon which takes time to master. At around 2 year old they would be able to use the spoon somewhat efficiently but now it would be quite challenging so they would play with the food or get frustrated. You can stick with spoon feeding if you want to give porridge or noodle, or if you still want to train her to self feed, try bigger food that she can hold directly like pieces of meat, veggie, potato, carrot, or bread.

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I start making food that can let them poke it to encourage self feeding. I started with french toast without sugar, I made pancake, gave apple carrot all in cube size to slowly let my baby feed on her own. usually I will say wow so good but spoon wise not yet still a mess but somehow she is trying to get it right currently 18 montha

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