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Hi community. May I know what should I prepare for the hospital bag? Wife EDD is next month. Pretty nervous for first timer.

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Admission letter, maternity pads, going home outfit for mummy and baby, charger. Toiletries are provided. Unless you are not comfortable with using theirs then you can bring your own.

I would say breastpump is optional as the milk would only come in around day 3. The hospital would try to let the baby latch on during the admission period

Toiletries, Discharge clothes for you and baby, IC, marriage cert if you want to register birth cert in hospital, pad, disposable underwear, nursing bra

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Hi... you might find this article informative

Thanks for the tips. I have friends that mentioned that I need to bring the breast pump too. Is it necessary??

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If you would like for the lactation consultant to help with using breast pump for the first time. Also no harm.. :) May want to seek advice from them on the flange size. It differs for every women and getting the right flange size helps yield more amount of milk once milk flow comes in from day 3 onwards.

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Toiletries, maternity/breast pads, going home outfit, charger etc

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Bring along the cord blood kit most importantly

This is the list from Thomson medical center.

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