Fussy Baby at two months plus

Hi community! My baby is about 2month 10days old, at material time. She is really fussy and me and my wife find it hard to take care of her. When she cries, we tried all methods to soothe her crying. Sometimes, she also is very fussy while feeding. Is this a phase? Is there anything my wife and I can do about it? Thank you! From a concerned parent.

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Might be a leap or growing sprout. How long have this been? Any other signs? Just in case they are really discomfort

3y ago

Only sometimes she is so fussy. Not always the case. Only recently she been very fussy. Just today she didn't want to be let down and was carried the whold day.

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This is just a phase, it gets better as they grow older(:

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Is she having colic? Can Google to find out more. :)

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It is a phase. Experienced the same thing as you.