A comment/remark which you felt offended

Tell us what was that comment/remark which made you offended ?

A  comment/remark which you felt offended
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yes. why cabin crew need to quit when you all pregnant. cannot do ground job? then stay home? you think companies want to open up 1 office just for pregnant mummies? majority cabin crews are women. then if 100 crews pregnant, ALL FIT IN ONCE OFFICE? wahh.. *slapforehead*

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As a new mother, some people doubted my ability to care for my baby by saying that I can’t handle her so have to let the elders intervene instead.

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Yes.. good that you giving birth to a boy so that you can give birth to whatever you want next time.

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Ur girl is too old. Stop breastfeeding already. Ur milk is no good

baby not enough milk is it? or baby drank too much is it?

Looks like the pregnancy made you gain a lot of weight

Definitely, people are just insensitive sometimes ugh

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Oh you should ask your mum to takee care of your baby

Can’t remember but it’s happened before

I think my son live with me better. 😣