Can we have sex during second trimester of pregnancy? Is it safe?

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I had sex at week 14 and 3 days later I woke up to a gush of blood which wouldn’t stop so I was rushed to a & e, doctor checked and baby was fortunately still healthy, cervix still closed, but great amount of bleeding and clots around cervix. Was immediately injected with progesterone, put on antibiotic drip for 2 days and hospitalised on full bed rest and monitored for 2 days. Now in bed rest for at least the next 1 week. Doctor says that sometimes infection can occur due to sexual intercourse in certain cases, so do be mindful.

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As long as there is no discomfort to you and your womb! Second trimester is one of the best and most enjoyable time to have sex. I'm in third trimester and my libido is still going strong, with no problems during pregnancy. Do what you feel comfortable and safe. If there are any concerns or complications, contact your doctor.

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i think wala naman effect yun sa baby.iwasan lang na mag sex na subra intense kasi ang 1st trimester an pinaka maselang stage nang pregnancy.par sakin ok lang mag sex kht 1st trimester'basta gentle lang.pero sa mga naa ble bleed siguro palampasin muna an 1st trimester.

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The second trimester is actually the best time to have sex because the morning sickness will be more or less gone and your tummy won't be as heavy as it will be in the third trimester. If your gynae says it is fine, you may have sex.

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If you've had a normal sex life in your first trimester, there is no reason why you should not continue to do so even with a growing belly. If you were completely off sex in the first trimester due to nausea, vomiting or any other complication, you may find the going better in this trimester.

Yes you can still have sex unless your OB-gyne told you not to do so because you might have complications later. But if she/he gave you a go signal then it’s alright. It’s a bit awkward though because your tummy is big and you or husband might feel that it’s on your way.

Yes it's perfectly safe (unless your doctor has advised you otherwise) and probably the best time in your pregnancy to enjoy sex :) Not overly large, and hopefully, no more nausea. And please reassure your hubby, that no, the baby won't be disturbed!

Yes, it is perfectly safe and normal to have sex during the second trimester. In fact even after that. Here is an interesting article on the do's and don't's of sex during pregnancy.

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First trimester too is it safe

OMG.. Yes it's good. I am currently 8 months pregnant and we have plenty of sex mostly likely we will stop in a few weeks to come. So enjoy yourself darling it's completely normal 😍😘

Yes its perfectly safe. Even in your 3rd trim u will feel horny sometimes and the sex positions u love to enjoy during intercourse. It's soo nice my dear u will love it🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

As long as your water isnt broken your perfectly fine to have sex. Its actually really good towards the end of pregnancy because semen can cause contractions therefore labor.