Can I take cough syrup during the second trimester of pregnancy?

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Which type of cough are you having? For dry and phlegmy cough, you can try dextromethorphan or pholcodine. Avoid any syrups containing codeine (e.g., Dhasedyl, Procodin). For wet cough, herbal cough syrups and Woods cough syrup safe for pregnancy, Robitussin should be fine. But, do consult a doctor before taking any medications. Also, drink plenty of fluids, have more fruits and lots of rest so that your body could recover. Take care!

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Always ask for professional advice from the doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine when you are pregnant. Ask them to recommend you one that is safe for pregnancy. To soothe a sore throat or a cough naturally, you can try honey and lemon mixed in hot water.

One thing that I've learnt to follow is to not take any medicines during pregnancy or give any medications to my child without consultation. The doctor concerned knows the history the best and will suggest the medicine accordingly.

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If you're wondering is woods cough syrup safe for pregnancy, then yes. Robitussin as well :)