Pain in lower left abdomen, 8 weeks pregnant

It came on suddenly last night, and I had it throughout the night. I could barely sleep. Pain scale about 7-8/10. Sharp stabbing like pain when I move about or turn about in bed. But once I am at a rested spot I do not notice it as much. I think I should go to KKH, but I am expecting a delivery later between 2-4pm (frozen foods) of all days! Can anyone tell me what I can do to ease the pain for now, until I can go KKH in the afternoon? Please respond in English! Thank you in advance!

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Normal. It's caused by ligament pain due to pregnancy. Your uterus is stretching to accomodate to your growing embryo. Happens in 2nd & 3rd trimester too. Unless the pain won't go away no matter how you change position then you'll need to see your gynae