Hi, any mummies experience pain @ the lower abdomen (the pain feels like those whereby exercise after a full meal kind) throughout the entire night? I'm on week 23 currently. Had this pain last night about 1am and now 8am plus I'm still feeling this pain, but not as pain as 1am plus... anyone experienced this before and knows why? Will it affect my baby? asked kkh Dr before but the only thing she tell me is if in pain go kkh emergency ?

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Hi... I would suggest that you go to KKH to get checked and access. If it’s nothing serious, at least you’ll have peace of mind

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I experienced it. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant. My gynae said it's normal. I was advised to eat slowly and lesser portion.

Possibly once in a while when getting into late second trimester, so check with your gynae!

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If you still don't feel better soon, please see your gynae asap.

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I think I am feeling this now. Did you go to kkh a&e?

Hi, Best to go to the hospital and get it checked

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Is it regular stomach ache?