sick and tired (literally too)

u can call me names or that i’m ungrateful but i’m really so tired. of breastfeeding of being stuck in a never ending routine of feeding, changing, trying to make baby sleep and repeat and repeat AND REPEAT while covered in sweat, puke and even pee. when will baby stop feeding every 2-3 hours? even when mixed feeding baby still demands feeding frequently. when will my nipples stop hurting like razor blades cutting into me? (FYI baby latches correctly but i’m just so sore still) and don’t tell me to “nap when baby naps”. easier said than done. baby takes up to 2hours to sleep after feed and then after washing bottles etc, it’s time to breastfeed again. i don’t even have time to pee let alone eat at times. and i do have help but some things nobody can help me. it goes on 24/7. i’m falling sick too. srsly anybody else feels this way like me??

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Me too sixk n tired feel like thowing baby away alrdy